With over 30 years combined experience, EdgED has worked at every level of instruction--classroom, school leadership, district office, and state level. With our extensive knowledge of best practice and applicable tools, EdgED Consulting promises to give you and your team ready-made resources and information that will improve your school(s) tomorrow. 

Jennifer Arzola
Founder and President

Jennifer Arzola is an educational leader who has increased student achievement at every stop.  She brings over 19 years of educational experience serving the students of Indiana working from the classroom level to the Indiana Department of Education and as a district leader in a large urban district. 


For EdgED, Jennifer has guided multiple school systems in making significant increases in student achievement through our proven systems and data-driven approach.  Jennifer has served in many roles throughout her career from multiple building supervisor, department head and ELL/ENL specialist to professional learning communities (PLC) supervisor and district-wide RtI coordinator.  Jennifer’s range of experiences has empowered her to impact all subgroups which has improved achievement for all students. 


She has a vast knowledge of English Learners, curriculum, instruction and assessment, PLC’s, RtI and systems alignment.  Jennifer’s work is focused on data-driven decision making that has resulted in improved leadership and instruction at the class, school and district levels.


You can contact Jennifer via email at jennifer@edgedconsulting.com.